The Commander of the Land Forces in the Uganda People’s Defense Force Lieutenant General Katumba Wamala has refuted claims that Uganda has a presence in Congo’s war riddled east following claims by a group that trucks carrying Ugandan soldiers were seen crossing the borders. Wamala says Uganda has ‘enough on its plate’.

Responding to the question of whether Uganda has gone into Congo, Wamala refutes all such claims saying he finds the talk quite ironic given that Congolese soldiers fleeing the fighting have been given refuge on the Uganda. One wonders whether this will be the first smoke without fire!

Below is the translated version of the article which alleges Uganda’s presence in Congo. The French version is via this link

English Version: Translation by Google Translate

RDC: la société civile du Nord-Kivu dénonce la présence des militaires ougandais et rwandais au sein du M23 (DRC: Civil Society in North Kivu denounces the presence of Rwandan and Ugandan soldiers within the M23)

Provincial coordination of civil society in North Kivu military accuses Rwanda and Uganda for supporting rebels M23 on the front lines and Rutshuru Nyongera-center. In a newsletter, published Wednesday, July 25 in Goma, the coordinator of this structure, Kavota Omar, said six vehicles from Uganda came into DRC, last weekend, with several Ugandan soldiers.

Civil society in North Kivu has denounced the coming six Fuso brand vehicles, which led Ugandan soldiers in the DRC, through the grouping of Kitagoma Busanza. “Three vehicles were introduced elements of the UPDF (Ugandan army) to Nyarukwarangara, while three others have filed to Kabira,” said Omar Kavota.
The UN, the NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the Congolese government have already denounced the support of Kigali M23. Civil society in North Kivu also said she received information stating that “the elements of the UPDF and the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) have supported the rebels M23” on the front lines and Rutshuru Nyongera-center , more particularly on the axis Kiringa Kalengera.

“We have verified information to that effect and firepower of the M23 is now attest. The information that we make available to the authorities needed to be taken seriously. Today, we face a Rwandan-Ugandan aggression, “said the coordinator of the provincial civil society.
This structure, also reported the infiltration of the Ugandan army in the area of ​​Rwenzori in the leadership of and Watalinga Bashu, in eastern territory of Beni (North Kivu).

The mutiny began last April in the province. The mutineers have created, beginning March 23 Movement (M23) to demand the implementation of peace agreements signed by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the former armed movement’s National Congress for the People’s Defence (CNDP) in March 2009.

Hounded ever since by the FARDC, M23 rebels have taken over a few localities in the lizière of Virunga National Park to the DRC border with Uganda and Rwanda.


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