”Dear Facebook User,

The word is ”Facebook” not ”BoobyBook”. Next time, try and include your face in the profile picture.



A couple of weeks back, those words appeared on my Facebook page out of irritation of how more people are opting to spoil the dream of one smart Harvard dropout. In the age where Twitter is no doubt the in-thing sort of a thing, Facebook finds itself in a tight race where users continue to opt for ”better heights”.

But while everyone has their own reasons of migration, the sight of explicit profile pictures appears to be one of the few reasons why I might just close down my account soonest. As though I would.

The word ”Facebook” is self explanatory or onomatopoetic if you could say. FACEBOOK. However, as though fulfilling the human obligation of doing the opposite of the obvious, some unsuspecting females (I assume) are opting not to trade with their faces but their boobs. And most times, not their boobs. Truth.

I spend nearly 4 hours of my day active on one of the world’s most active sites and regard it as a modern invention enhancing the creation of bonds and strengthening them and, it is for this reason that I find it rather irksome that some people choose a very tactful but misrepresenting preamble. What do you expect the world to think if your profile picture is a scene of a suffocating cleavage?

Of course, a couple of people might be drawn to engage you but well, well, well, well…..many others will read between the lines and place you under category ”ATTENTION SEEKER” user.

The women emancipation campaign has fought throughout the years to kill a lot of things and among them is misinterpretation of the female or the stereotypes that have been thrown at the opposite sex for so long.

But here I am, looking at a picture that one chose to be their ambassador on the social scene.

It asks for my attention. It speaks volumes. reeks of sensual innuendos and often of course is a misrepresentation of who the user is. And then you expect better perception from the world?

The idea of a profile picture gives us a chance to choose what we want the world to see about us in just one shot. And that some people choose a ‘booby’ look is actually face wrinkling.

Zuckerberg set out to create something where friends would interact and share, like and post as well as make new friends. The young man was trying to create something out of the normal. It must be hard seeing his PG site leap towards becoming an 18+ site.

‘Dear Facebook User,

The word is ”Facebook” not ”BoobyBook”. Next time, try and include your face in the profile picture.


Facebook-User-Yet-To-Add-You” >>>Follow @SongaStone



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