Just read what the 2010/2011 Auditor General’s report has to say on the situation of Ugandan embassies abroad and my oh my, while we scratch our heads over the corruption rate within Uganda, the corruption pros took planes and carried their skills around the world. Here are some of the eye popping highlights.

– All 29 missions worldwide in ’embarrassing state”, many procurement flaws and no accountability.

– Brussels, Dar es Salaam, Ottawa, Copenhagen, Paris, Rome, Abuja, Pretoria & New Delhi missions in rotting buildings.

– Uganda risks losing prime property if it fails to repair the missions above.

– While rotting missions need colossal amounts for repair, over spending is order of the day in all.

– Visa monies being pocketed instead of being sent to Kampala; hardly any accountability.

– Expenditure at all missions is questionable; Washington D.C (biggest culprit) mission was repaired at $1.2m; initial cost was UGX975m. This article has a picture of the D.C embassy which looks like some abandoned cottage belonging to an old lady whose children have grown to leave her alone.

– Most embassies overshot their budgets by UGX1.1b; report shows how better are the corrupt outside the Ugandan borders.


– Reacting to all this, the government is apparently recalling foreign service officers from 6 missions to answer questions on the many accountability anomalies.

–  At some missions (Guangzhou & New Delhi), officers whose contracts expired were still being paid.

– On why Uganda’s missions’ story is this bad, MP Jack Wamanga says: ”Replacing career diplomats with political appointees has messed up Uganda’s missions abroad”. He surely has a point.

There you have it. While we seem to find the ones who stayed here too corrupt, they have examples they are emulating or vice-versa. Uganda@50 feels like Uganda@5.

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Refer to Saturday Vision August 11, 2012 for full story. Page 5

>>>>>Link to all the information on Uganda’s missions around the world:



  1. Thank you stone for this article, i came to Japan over a year ago but i’ve not been to the Ugandan Embassy. Reason being, there is a few i am supposed to pay in order to register there. They charge 10,000yen which is about (UGX 300,000). i don’t see any reason to pay this money to the embassy that would instead be helping me as well as being funded by the government every year. Other Embassies in similar economic conditions do not charge anything and are in touch with their nationals and always organizing get togethers.

    • Lugobe Paul Says:

      Man I wonder or ask myself whether we have true leaders or a den of thieves who came to take all Uganda’s wealth.we need to act quickly before this cancer gallops all our blood.

  2. Tunji Lala Says:

    it is a shame that this ugly problem is allowed to take root in African countries with Uganda adding itself to it. The current govt. should do everything to rectify this cancer of a problem before it ruins its reneissance

  3. Really our country need prayers and fasting may be one time God will save us from these escalading vultures.

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