A few days back, I listened to this song for the first time and something about the flow held my attention for a second. Much as the beat is nothing above usual, one word stood out. SWILILI.

Many people are wondering who the girl in the song featuring one P’Jay is and until now, I was one of them.

Here is what I now know about this Zambian R&B singer who with more hits has the potential to grab my attention more plus that of an eager African continent.

First, her stage name is MAMPI. According to Urban Dictionary, ‘mampi’ means ‘overweight woman’ but as this picture shows, she is everything but overweight.


Speak of irony in large sums.

Next, Mampi was actually inside the just concluded Star Game edition of Big Brother Africa.

Described as the “Queen Diva” from Lusaka, she was inspired to enter Big Brother by her fans. Mampi describes herself as a diva who is spontaneous, unpredictable and sexy, and likes people who are friendly, funny and free-spirited.

She is a no-nonsense drama-lover who loves commotion, flirting and dancing (all qualities one needs to fit into a Ugandan society). The zero tolerance to nonsense according to Mampi aka Mampito (birth name: Mirriam Mukape) is the reason her stay in the reality show came to a swift end 69 days before the end.

The mystery might be solved but not my disappointment that this is not a Ugandan song. SWILILI hit me as a word from perhaps eastern Uganda. The song would pass for a Lusoga tune that is good enough for MTV. Somewhere in the chorus which is repeated effortlessly, she says something close to ”omubiri” (Luganda for body). I know. The song should be declared Ugandan already.

This afternoon SWILILI played on Radiocity 97FM and I could not help but realise I was not the only one under the spell of some less known rising star. Tweets overweight with praises termed SWILILI as the jam to stamp a foot to, nod a head to and yes, pull the shuffle to.

Mampi, you might have missed out on that jackpot when Africa decided to deny you votes thus the eviction but wipe the tears and hit the studio. You reek of potential.

Before someone comes out to say I am falling for you, allow me to conclude by saying, there are many mountains you can conquer. Get climbing.

One more point, deejays that keep murdering ears as you transpose from one jam to another, SWILILILILI (I prefer the unofficial title) can be married to POTENTIAL (remember that Goodlyfe Crew + Diamond Oscar jam?). Someone clap for me.

Special thanks to my workmate, Deejay Joe, I can now stamp this long week away by clicking ”SWILILI” to listen again. Whoever is asking what SWILILI means, will you do some research already.

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5 Responses to “SWILILI”


    I badly need the meaning of the word swilili, please inbox me via my e-mail. thanks


    As am reading this,the song plays from the vicinity.What a coincidence.

  3. bude jash Says:

    get serious guys try to find out the meaning of swilili, i need it terribly

  4. Swilili is slang in local Zambian nyanja language to mean “Sweetheart”

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