Dear Most Corrupt East African Country

Dear Most Corrupt East African Country,

I have received the news of your win with a less surprised grin for I knew you were to beat them all and come out on top. But the rate at which you beat them (Uganda registered the highest bribery levels with a percentage value of 40.7%), I can’t help but wonder, ‘What is being done if this crown is to stay above your head for at least the next 1000 light years?’

While my thoughts drift on into the future, something has me thinking. That ‘silent burner’ Tanzania. Second place? I should say, I like their approach in the game. Silent but steady. You got competition my friend.

Oh, and did you see that guy at the release of the results, the guy from Kenya. What was with the ear-to-ear smiles. A bronze medal is still in the medal pod but for pitssake, those guys were fuming to the brim after that 42km race in London. They need to work harder.


Sorry Burundi. In fourth position, we don’t give medals. Sorry.

Meanwhile, I also heard that Rwanda (coming out of nowhere), lo and behold, is the least corruption prone athlete. Being the last in any race is gross. What a shame. Least corrupt in the region with an aggregate index of 2.5%. I can see you cackle but well, you boastfully sit on top of the list. Smile on. I hear some of your teamates want a Day Care Centre for their kids!!

My friend, I have to leave it at that but congs. I look forward to seeing those headlines. You know those where money disappears only to show up under beds and the ones where men that earn less than $1000 a month own houses worth UGX2b.

Have to go now. Look forward to the next Corruption Olympics.

Yours in love,
Citizen-With-A-WTH-Face. Follow @SongaStone

*Picture: (L-R) Kenya’s Executive Director for Transpareny International, Samuel Kimeu and Uganda’s Peter Wandera at the launch. Photo by Abou Kisige – NV*


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