The truth is, much of Kampala stands on wetlands but the reason why the arrival of bulldozers at Centenary Park is causing quite the storm is because of its importance to an age group that believes in ‘hanging out’. But let’s face it. That place was handed down to a group of people that said they were to turn it into a look-alike of the parks they had seen on their voyages around the world.

And what the place turned out to be is the total opposite of any park in the world.

Parks don’t have more buildings than benches under trees where people can sit and reflect. Obviously the level of politics in this story is so high it could break down buildings on its own but if this chunk of land was not in the first place meant to be a PARK, then it would be wrong to raze anything down.

But since time immemorial, it has gone by the name, Centenary Park.

Sprouting cities such as Nairobi, Lagos and Kigali have made it a staunch point to gazette these much needed areas given their importance in the fast-paced city life.

For the owners of the structures, it is running out of business and for that class that loves ‘hanging out’, it means the evenings filled with catching up with friends, sharing a drink, making clouds of shisha and that sort of a thing is waning out. Solution to that, there are so many places around town where this can be done.

But if you ever travel and admire the parks in a number of cities, you will one day appreciate the fact that there is a place in your city where you and perhaps your wife and kids can find relaxation in the middle of a bustling Kampala.

If you asked me why other buildings for example the malls adjacent to this park are not facing demolishment, the answer is simple, they never were and will not be a park. One of the most visited places in New York City is a park. Kampala can’t be poorly planned and lack even one spot that the common man can access without being charged.

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