President Museveni has in his televised address today termed all those alleging that his NRM government killed MP Cerinah Nebanda as ‘idiots and fools’.

A visibly angry Museveni has argued that the government ‘only kills armed people in combat and not poor young children like Nebanda’.

His address live from Nakasero came as police arrested Kampala Central MP Mohammed Nsereko following his remarks that he knows who killed the youthful Butaleja MP. The arrest followed several hours of a police mounted siege at his home. The MP has been taken to Special Investigations Unit at Kireka where detectives want him to record a statement in relation to the allegations.

Nebanda was laid to rest yesterday in Butaleja after days of twists & drama. And a first. Her body became the first to lie in state twice!

Postmortem results released by the Ministry of Health have since indicated that there were traces of heroin, alcohol, morphine, cocaine; chloroquine and dextromethorphan in the fallen MP’s body.

Somewhere, he appealed to parents to monitor the company their children attract urging the youth to ‘live a purpose driven life, avoid alcohol, study and get married’. Hmmm. Sad to note but much as I don’t want to read into that more than I should, the legislator’s legacy just got pooped on. Sadder that she is not here to defend herself.

But even with the president’s address, the story remains blurry. More questions, fewer ‘easily believed’ answers. But what does a kid young enough to be Mzee Museveni’s great grand kid know!

R.I.P Nebanda.

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