He holds a PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Lagos. For years, he lectured in mathematics at a number of Nigerian universities. In 2008, ‘Newsweek’ magazine named him as one of the fifty most powerful people in the world. His Facebook page has a following of a million likes. But those are some of the trifling facts about Enoch Adejare Adeboye or commonly as Pastor E. A. Adeboye.

The Nigerian Pentecostal figure is the latest cause of backlash towards “men of God” thanks to news he is to acquire a private jet. His reason? To carry out God’s work.

As you might have deduced, Pastor Adeboye is no ordinary man of God. There is a reason why his Facebook page is a million likes strong. And there is certainly a believable reason why he needs a private jet. Adeboye (PICTURED) is the pastor and General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) or let’s say Redeemed Christian Churches of God.


Pastor Adeboye revealed plans to acquire a jet during an interview with Al Jazeera.

Headquartered in a Lagos, Nigeria suburb, his overseeing responsibilities spread to branches dotted across Africa, Europe (almost every county in Ireland has a branch), United States, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Malaysia, Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Singapore, India, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Myanmar…that long list also includes branches in the Middle East’s Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon and in nearly all seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

That sounds like the whole world. Why hasn’t this man bought a jet already? How has he been in all these places without thinking of a jet up until now?

Those questions might not be answered now but attention needs to be turned to his critics.

Over the past years, I have witnessed the growth of stereotypical sentiments towards the relationship between riches and “men of God”. When a man of Adeboye’s stature moves to buy a private jet certainly to ferry him to all those destinations, without giving room for why he’s done so, quickly, summaries of why he shouldn’t come up; he is called manipulative and materialistic.

But how about the critics become realistic. I haven’t looked at the total income sheet of Redeemed Christian Church of God but can only imagine the chunk of a figure it possibly is. That following which has sustained a presence in almost every corner of the world no doubt throw enough paper and coins in the offertory basket to do a lot of things.

The critics have provided no evidence of Adeboye and his team misusing those funds. Neither has a member of his congregation come out in protest of the latest move. So why are we outsiders assuming the role of overseer? We assume the congregation has been manipulated into giving. We strip them of their natural gift of choice and forget life manipulates us all, daily.

Months ago, the church I go to raised a million plus US dollars. $1m+. To donate to a church in Israel, support another in Burundi and set up another in Juba, South Sudan. As you would imagine, there was little or no press attention on that issue. But the money was raised. Willingly. By members of the congregation who shared the move to erect and support other churches independent of their own. And their is readily available paper trail of every cent.

Almost every other Sunday, I sit next to a prominent lawyer, a judge, a surgeon, an IT specialist, a working mother… When people speak of manipulation which partly reflects lack of knowledge, my neighbors strike me as people beyond manipulative tactics. People who can raise a million dollars in Uganda, a small African economy.

Adeboye’s worldwide congregation is certainly no different if not way more capable money wise.

So why the argument that these churchgoers have been hoodwinked? Why the assumptions by outsiders some who are subscribers of a much richer unquestionable Roman Catholic Church that the “men of God” in this case, Adeboye, don’t deserve toys such as that jet and that by acquiring it, they stray from Jesus’ teaching?

Reasons range from that being the human thing to do (we love playing critics) and stretch as far as the precedent some wacky church leaders have set.

But Adeboye has the attention and respect of millions. When he speaks and calls for offertory, the collections are mind boggling. He is a leader in their eyes. Because we are not part of the crowd that made him “king”, we can’t judge him by the cost of his “crown”. Whether those people have been turned into puppets in one way or another, that is theirs not ours.

So what could possibly be done to streamline the way things are being done. I have seen the answer to that work. Congregation-led accountability and transparency. Accountability and transparency. Two things that elude much of the church today and are nearly unheard of in the secularist world. Yet members of the latter are often quick into winching up arguments on misuse of money. The irony.

I would also second laws or amendments to laws that seek to monitor among other things the works of the church and the people that come up as leaders.

I will listen to a man or woman who has evidence a pastor or any other religious leader has done wrong but not to one who has a summary of the events. This now staple argument that sprouts up whenever a religious leader acquires some sort of possession and is only exacerbated by the often biased media coverage needs to find moss or else it is becoming to normal to attract ears.

That argument goes on to ask leaders such as Adeboye to sell off their property and give to the poor. But there is reason why the Vatican hasn’t sold off St. Peter’s Square or any other items that could fetch millions of dollars yet there are millions of poor Catholics.

If we seem to find no problem with the president of a country flying around, why find it with a man such as Adeboye? He has over one hundred places to be according to his responsibilities list. Many would listen to him than their president.

But Stone, the president represents the mandate of the people. Does Adeboye represent monkeys’?

*Stone is a member of @WatotoChurch; Gary Skinner the pastor doesn’t own a private jet.

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  1. yeah! it’s the grace of GOD

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