Africa’s youngest billionaire, Ashish J. Thakkar, has termed the words of American billionaire, Donald Trump, that “every penny” of the $7 billion Obama pledge to Africa will be stolen as “a very ignorant statement”.

Thakkar, 31, (personal net worth: $260 million) tweeted: “This is a very ignorant statement – do not generalize us. We are not a ‘Country’ – we are a continent of 54 different countries.”


In a private message, Ashish whose parents were among the Indians driven out of Uganda by Idi Amin yet he still considers himself Ugandan further states, “If he (Trump) has travelled the African continent, he would understand that this is a ridiculous assumption and that you cannot possibly generalise a continent of 54 countries. If you really want to generalise us then do so positively and not negatively. Today, most African governments are extremely committed to combating corruption, governance is increasing and overall Africa is going through an amazing transformation, which will make the continent prosper to become a world player.”

On Sunday, Obama announced the $7 billion pledge that is to help sub-Saharan Africa combat frequent power blackouts. Trump who has not had kind words for the POTUS went on to tweet that “Obama’s trip to Africa was a total waste of taxpayer’s money”.

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