If you hadn’t noticed, today is July 11. On a day like this back in 2010, many people saw the faces of some of their spouses, friends, brothers, sisters, workmates, fathers, mothers…for the last time. In two separate blasts engineered by suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists, 79 people were killed.

Many of the dead were football fans who were watching the 2010 World Cup final match at Kyadondo Rugby Club and Ethiopian Village Restaurant in Kabalagala, a Kampala suburb.

The first anniversary went down with commemorative prayers, speeches and the erection of a monument at Kyadondo. A year later, the second anniversary went by with dismal public activity a scenario that plays out today as well.

As part of the efforts to help the nation heal, the outgoing Chief Justice, Benjamin Odoki, established an International Crimes Division of the High Court to facilitate the trial of the suspects. In total, 32 people were charged with murder; subsequently, one of the suspects pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 25 years in jail.

However, the trial of the rest of the suspects stagnated after the defence lawyers petitioned the Constitutional Court seeking for the interpretation on whether the Chief Justice had authority/powers to establish the international Crimes Division of the High Court.

Three years on, the Constitutional Court is yet to deliver its ruling on this petition. Until it does so, many victimised by the blasts will have to further heal without the satisfaction the conviction of the suspected perpetrators might come with.

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One Response to “GONE BUT FORGOTTEN?”

  1. Very potent question right here. Are they now forgotten? Very sad if they are. Very very sad.

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