So, Did “Club Music Video Awards” Break Their #1 Rule?

Weeks ago, a Huffington Post blog post by producer, director, broadcaster and columnist, Jasmine Dotiwala managed to compel me into finding out more about the CMVAs. The Club Music Video Awards.

Jasmine was writing about her experience as one of the judges for the materials submitted for Uganda’s answer to the void the sinking of the Pearl of Africa Music (PAM) awards left. A Ugandan event was making a HuffPost headline? Of course I was interested. Eagerly, I set out to find out the rules of the Club Pilsener sponsored event. And before I could start applauding, they did it.

Looking at the 2013 list of nominees released this week, once again, the organizers of a promising event had broken the very rules they’d set. This time, it was Rule #1 which had a knife between its legs.

“Only music videos released between 1st April 2012 and 31st March 2013 will be considered for the 2013 CMVAs. The release date on your submission will be verified by our auditors so please ensure that it is accurate.”

Keen inspection of the nominees’ list led me to assume; either the above axiom was buried before it came into force or once again, the awards people did what awards people are often accused of doing; make them and break them. 

While I am an ardent Maurice Kirya fan, I was a little perplexed that “Work It Out” the video whose earliest YouTube date is June 17, 2013 received not one but three nods including “Male Video of the Year”. Is it because Club Pilsener the main sponsors of the awards were partly to thank for the almost errorless #KiryaLive concert this month? Could that be the reason Rule #1 was knifed to pulp and buried in old wrapping paper? Should I even join the “Congs Kirya” charade after all my boy has been nominated?

Bring in Naava Grey’s luminous “Nteredde” video. The first time I watched the video? The day Bradley Manning who was yesterday convicted was formally charged. Date? February 23, 2012. And it is as old as January 6, 2012. While I wish many Ugandan females who pretend to sing could cling onto Naava for vocal tutorials, the inclusion of her video does more to water down her reputation less of controversy. The pieces of evidence that prove the murder of Rule #1 sprout on as the list features Navio’s “Dream” and Bebe Cool’s “Coccidiosis”…and that is what a quick glance produced.

It is irksomely unsurprising that that nominees’ list hasn’t fully furthered the hype surrounding the inaugural awards. The known rules were bent; no explanations for that were given (I have not seen any) and the pretence levels are up there as though nothing went wrong. And we expect the industry to grow? How?

“Some people believe that fairness comes with obeying the rules. I’m one of those people.” – Al Green

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6 Responses to “So, Did “Club Music Video Awards” Break Their #1 Rule?”

  1. Very eye opening piece right here my friend. I really hope these CMVA guys offer a good enough explanation for this “oversight”. The thing is, people often make compromises, break rules and even ignore some details in the hope that no one will notice. Well, thank heavens we have people who pay attention to detail. Wonderful observation Stone.. Like I said, I look forward to hearing some kind of response from the CMVA organizers. Great initiative they seem to have but very lackluster and lousy approach if you ask me. One step forward and four steps back for the industry.

  2. […] Click the title to read the entire article on Songa Samuel Stone’s blog. […]

  3. Music Fan Says:

    Stone this is a really nice piece. Very insightful and gutsy. Like everyone else I do hope Club does have a very good explanation for this all. They may want to sweep this under the rug but this was a blatant violation of their own rules? So how about those who played the game by the rules? What incentive do they have to play the same game next year? And what do young artists looking for inspiration and motivation have for guidance when the very people supposed to be changing the industry are the ones adding to the joke that the Uganda music industry has become?

    Allow me to make a couple of observations: Maurice Kirya just had a successful concert sponsored by Club, Maro has a concert sponsored by Club coming up in September, Bebe Cool has a concert coming up soon, could he also be sponsored by Club? Radio and Weasle had a concert sponsored by Club and had an event recently again sponsored by you guessed it, Club! This cannot be coincidental, only a blind person would fail to see that this whole charade is about beer sales in the guise of bringing in foreign judges and giving them possibly pre-selected videos to choose from. Just a guess in an opaque process.

    Club had an incredible chance here to start off on the right foot, they did not. They are no different from the corrupt ridden awards before them that have fallen on the wayside. I too I am looking forward to an official statement from Club that’s if they are ethical enough to do what’s right. Till then they can fool many but they can’t fool all.

  4. Hello Songa Samuel

    This is in regard to the above article concerning the Club Music Video Awards.

    The definaition of officially released I believe is what we have to address here. A video can be released onto various platforms (digitally online, on Tv, at an event, or even a private viewing session) without even being officially released by the artists. Some of these are publicity stunts, some are just instances of overzealous individuals who have access to these videos.

    You tube is not the only verification of a video you also need to know that when a video is officially released is totally up to the management of the artiste, it is possible a video is put on you tube for hype and officially released a year later or when the property owner deems fit.

    These are the industry norms…

    e.g Taio Cruz shot 9 videos back to back and released them officially over 2years and they were accepted into the mtv video awards even though they were officially shot 2years before.
    Beyonce & Drake “take care” shot January 2012 video viewed MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2012 DIGITALLY ONLINE, official release date July 2012, Entered for the MTV Video awards coming september 6 2013. “Nteredde by Naava Grey, the official release was 26th April , 2012 though it had featured on Youtube much earlier as you so rightly pointed out.

    We would also like to thank you for bringing this up, it shows us that we need to clearly educate the public on the universally accepted industry norms. We don’t claim to be experts on this and being the 1st time we are doing this, we know that there will be some issues, however we would like to assure you that we are doing all we can to ensure a transparent and fair process.


    Club Pilsener

  5. No oversight there my friend…. how many videos came out in that period? Keeping up appearances

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