VERBATIM: What Minister Kibuule Actually Said

State Minister for Youth and Children Affairs, Hon. Ronald Kibuule has since joined Twitter a day after his name was the most tweeted about topic in Uganda. His enrollment on the micro-blogging site is being seen as a PR move which further puts him in the eye of the storm thanks to comments he made over the weekend about rape and “indecent dressing”.

As the social media backlash brewed and the calls for his resignation grew louder on Tuesday, the 27-year-old Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi protégé in an interview with Radiocity 97FM said the Daily Monitor story had “misquoted” him. Upon the Speaker’s summoning Tuesday, the polygamous minister told Parliament Wednesday that his statement had been “misunderstood”.

Personally, I walked into the RC studios the day before his parliamentary appearance just to have him say to me the words, “I was misquoted”. And he did.

After hours of waiting to land my hands on the audio recording from which the following Daily Monitor excerpt was extracted, I finally took in what sounds like a collection of words worth throwing under the bed and moving on, but, words which ought not to be celebrated. Words whose owner must own up. Whether Kibuule was misquoted or misunderstood, I will let you be the judge. I warn you, there’s lots of misuse of the phrasal verb “put on”. Guard your English.

First, part of the Daily Monitor story:

“Rape victims who are dressed indecently have themselves to blame, according to Youth Affairs minister Ronald Kibule.

Addressing youth in Kajara County, Ntungamo District on Saturday, Mr Kibule said the police should instead charge the victims with inviting the crime.

The minister, who was attending the launch of Kajara Youth Development Cooperative and Savings Society, said the police must scrutinise each rape case reported to them to establish the dress code of the victim. He added that once it is established that the victim was indecently dressed, the suspect should be set free.

When this newspaper called him last evening to verify these reports, the minister reiterated his position, noting that indecent dressing was “an open invite to rapists”.”

And now the verbatim of the 2:22min long clip:

“Let’s get to another war (also sounds like “this brings me to another war”)…the way of dressing…the dress code. I am happy in this hall, I’ve not someone in a mini-skirt; I’ve not seen someone in a balanced trouser. I thank you, people of Kajara. (people clapping) I always get ashamed whenever I go to attend functions in Busoga and Buganda. I don’t know what they want to show me. Then you are in the taxi, carrying newspapers to cover. Who told you to put a mini-skirt? Me I have told even the police chief, “You shouldn’t listen to the person who comes to report a rape case putting on a mini-skirt.” The intention was, “please, why don’t you rape me?” (people laughing) Because in the first place, I’m not even sure that your intention was not to be raped. You’re putting on a mini-skirt, with a slit. Then, you cover. You start sitting. Please, comfortably, why don’t you put on…what…like these ladies now. They are comfortable. But now, as a youth minister, when I talk about this…these parliamentarians chased me…”ahh, we don’t need it”…because the ethics tried to bring it out… You are looking for a job; you come with your balanced trousers. Who wants to see you? I had to go and look for a musician called David Lutalo, asked him, why don’t you compose a song; talk about a dressing code, talk about the drugs…and you have seen me in that video. The reason was, let’s now create advocacy…that people just see, by the mercy of God, cease to dress up in such a manner. Someone in a balanced trouser; I see them that they have come for interviews. Who can employ you? If the…any operation came, you will not survive. They just see you as a suspect. If they’re looking for thugs and they happen to see the balanced trouser, they will just put you on ‘kabangali’ straight to the next the next police station.” (Link to audio below)

While I would have tried to stomach the misogynistic joke that the above words portray, that the minister goes ahead to even stand before Parliament and say he was misunderstood, I will only labour to respect him if he resigns. While at his resignation destination, I advise he also grows out of the mental state that assumes a woman who feels smart in a little black dress or hot pants is begging to be raped. In the past is where the act of assuming men have the powers to censor what women wear. And the people applauding in that clip ought to be ashamed of themselves, too. SHORT has never been a RAPE ME sign. That a man who even has daughters suggests so and goes ahead to deny is disgusting.

If you can’t control the little mister, men, have him amputated after all the Bible calls for those parts that might derail you off the route of righteousness and decency which “horny(rebel)” Kibuule seems to be advocating for, to be done away with.



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7 Responses to “VERBATIM: What Minister Kibuule Actually Said”

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  2. Our greatest undoing as human beings is not that we make mistakes; our greatest undoing is that we never want to admit when we have made mistakes. The noble thing for Kibule to do here is admit he made a mistake, ask for forgiveness and resign. The more he tries to claim he was misquoted or misunderstood, the more infuriated people will get. Already as it is, people are clamoring for his head (with very good reason). Now when he tries to find excuses or say he was misunderstood, he is only stoking the fire that will eventually burn him up. I tried to engage him in a discussion on Twitter about what exactly he said and the context he said it in but he seemed less than interested and kept telling me to ‘refer to previous tweets’. That is not the attitude of an apologetic person. I am usually the kind of person who cuts people more slack than they deserve and even though his comments were really unfortunate, I wanted to hear his side of the story. Sadly, Kibule does not see much use in explaining himself. Oh Well, Let’s have him kicked out of the Ministerial job and then maybe he will learn to respect people and also learn to have some humility.

    • That wasn’t Kibuule tweeting. It was a PR person trying to handle the people on twitter. From the transcript or the recording above you can clearly tell that the person speaking and the person that was tweeting are completely two different people.

      • Well in that case it was an epic fail. I find it hard to believe that a Minister can fail to have time to respond to questions directed at him. The very least he can do is make sure the person who is doing the ‘damage control’ for him is actually available online 24/7 so we can understand what the Minister is all about. As it is, the Minister is simply showing us that we do not matter at all, we don’t even deserve responses. Oh well, I hope he pays the ultimate price for his bogus statements and even more bogus handling of the situation.

  3. Says:

    Why do we close our doors at night to keep thieves out, why dont we tell them to be decent? Human nature is corrupted let us not mislead the youth to dress indicently that men will behave decently!

    Kibuule as a parent, continue sounding those warnings to our misguided youth BUT using more diplomatic language. Fred

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