Dear Uganda Police, Please Answer My Questions On Mueller

On closer look, the Uganda Police statement today on suspected terrorist, Ahmed Khalid Mueller, now said to be in Uganda identically resembles a Daily Monitor story from more than a year ago.

The Inspector General of Police, General Kale Kayihura’s statement partly reads: “…entered [Mueller] the country from Limulu, Kenya and traveled to Kampala, Uganda, aboard a Kaliita bus, Reg. NO. KBF 057N. He was dropped off at some point along Jinja Road in Kampala.”

The June 1, 2012 story which tells the first time this man reportedly entered Uganda partly reads: “While boarding Kampala-bound Kaliita Bus, Reg. No. KBF 057N…”

Is it possible that this man used the same bus, owned by the same company with the same registration number, on two occasions? Or, was today’s statement copied and pasted from last year’s?

The story and today’s statement indicate that Mueller’s original destination before Uganda was “Limulu in Kenya”. If it so happens that this coincidence is indeed truth, maybe you need to visit Limuru (not Limulu) to perhaps establish what this man who uses the same everything when coming to Uganda is doing in that part of my father’s home country.

And I am not attempting to undermine or belittle the serious issue at hand but the oddity glares brightly. Uganda Police Force, my eyes noticed but I am sure many more did too. How are we supposed to stop people who as Patrick J. Kennedy once described them, ‘try to manipulate us and change our behaviour by creating fear, uncertainty and division in society’ when we seemingly create similar atmospheres ourselves? If the threat that this man might be to us all is to hold credibility, a statement to perhaps explain the coincidences above will help.

Update: The Uganda Police never came out to clarify on glaring gaffe; no changes have been made to the website or Facebook page statements to this day.


3 Responses to “Dear Uganda Police, Please Answer My Questions On Mueller”

  1. Now check! This is exactly what happens when an entire nation stops thinking that simple things like spelling and grammar are important. I hope the Uganda Police do, indeed, provide some clarifications here.

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