Anglican Church Archbishop Stanley Ntagali in his Christmas message: “If sorcerers & murderers don’t ask for recognition, homosexuals in Uganda shouldn’t too”. 

St. Johns Kijabwemi Church of Uganda Rt. Rev Amos Friday has advised gays and gay activists to “go to hell”. 

In his first Christmas message, Pope Francis has called for peace in Syria, Central African Republic, South Sudan and all other regions in the world affected by conflict. 

In his first Christmas sermon, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby has called on Christians to “challenge the causes of poverty”.

Christians have been cautioned against adoring political leaders but instead turn to God. Pastor Calvin Oule made the call during his Christmas Day sermon at Watoto Central.

“Christmas is not about how much you spend today but about how you spend it,” Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga (CLM). 

Meanwhile, as Catholic observers come out with numbers of how many Christians are killed because of their faith annually (9,000-100,000), a bomb has ended at least 15 lives in Baghdad as the church members dispersed after a Christmas sermon.

She might not be a “man of God” but well, Princess Ruth Komuntale at her first public appearance has thanked those who stood by her during her divorce (her words not mine…had no idea they divorced) and wished everyone a merry Christmas.

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