Here’s to the next chapter: NBS TV

Photo Credit: Jjumba Photography

Photo Credit: Jjumba Photography

I am humbled and equally excited to announce my latest appointment at Next Broadcasting Service (NBS) Television where I join the digital department as the new online content editor .

The journey from one life chapter to another is sometimes strewn with depressive uncertainty, a tonnage of unanswered questions, detours, almosts and firsts. At many bends over the last year or so, much of me felt like it was losing to the resultant ghouls that haunted me. But to be human is to soldier on and be hopeful, especially during those times when there is barely anything to look forward to. Or so I continue to learn.

This next chapter brings with it more reasons to be hopeful and bespoke challenges that make taking the step even more exciting. I’m passionate about new media tools whose advent is endlessly changing newsroom dynamism and directly affecting how today’s journalist disseminates information, while empowering the public. Being part of the revolution on a stage such as NBS TV, a key player, is a welcomed experience. I look forward to being a part of a widely handpicked team of hard working and creative people aboard a ship that’s set sail.

Finally, a special thanks to those who extended a listening ear and firm hand these past many months; naming names only seems to dilute the special feeling your kindness brought and continues to bring. Asante!

And to the people who have entrusted me with my newest responsibility, thank you, too. Rolls up sleeves. Girds the loins. 

Songa Samuel-Stone MWESIGWA



4 Responses to “Here’s to the next chapter: NBS TV”

  1. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Very proud of you mate..

  2. Petesmama Says:

    Congratulations. Go forth and be awesome.

  3. a man of the season and for a reason, your talent sets a table for you each day, am glad to sit before this screen of wonderful events, your media life. my friend.

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