Why My Profile Picture Is Not ‘Frenchlising’

My only issue with the sudden rampant huing of profile pictures with French flag colors is that most of you are less likely to do the same if what happened in Paris happened elsewhere. Even Facebook is less likely to create that ‘hue your picture in solidarity’ function. YouTube won’t change its favicon to resemble the flags of those places and most of you won’t even hear about it or even know where it happened. Yet, such, and much much more (no I’m not belittling anything) happens every day. Even in places that could fittingly rival Paris in beauty and memories.

While we have a collective and an independent right to select what we grieve over, as a species, we ought to reflect on what we’ve become given how global all our problems have become. Ebola is not an African problem for it can kill Americans and even end up on British streets. Non-Muslim whites can become terrorists. A child whose parents are killed in a drone attack sanctioned by your country can become the suicide bomber at your child’s school…

In the wake of the Paris attacks, much of the rhetoric from world leaders promises more bombs over Iraq and Syria where the same countries they lead have normalised death. Take note dear people whose argument is such that Paris is making headlines because bombs are rare in the City of Lights. The corrupted minds behind those attacks are saying otherwise. No place is normal today.

As more and more people colour their pictures red, white and blue, I wonder whether they are setting a precedent that will see them learn the colours of all countries given that nihilism knows no boundaries (one of the explosions was in the same vicinity as the leader of a ‘super power’). After all, if no human life is more sacred or important than the next, we should all be huing our pictures with different colours every weekend. Or, they are doing so because well, it’s Paris.



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